【(QZYX-920B) double digital display paper cutting machine】
(QZYX-920B) double digital display paper cutting machine
Product introduction:
Hydraulic double digital display cutter, it uses position detection device, and displays the cutting size through the LCD display, the resolution is 0.10mm, the reading is accurate. The paper feeder adopts double guideway to ensure the cutting accuracy. Therefore, the cutter is the first cutting machine for cutting high precision products. A plane two - enveloping worm gear reducer is selected. The tool bed mechanism is reasonable and the configuration is complete. At present, it is the advanced configuration in China. Linear double guide, slotless worktable.
The A. linear guide makes the push paper run smoothly and fast, the noise is low, the positioning is accurate, the cutting precision and speed are greatly improved, and the service life of the machine is extended.
B. size table all chrome and air cushion, paper pushing light and do not rust, increase the optional side work table (1000*800mm).
C. infrared photoelectric protection of two hands button continuous protection device.
D. tool bed safety protection device, overloading protection and automatic return and other safety protection devices.
E. hydraulic system adopts imported hydraulic components, the pressure paper pressure can be adjusted, and the paper pressure paper is made up of two booster systems.
F. mechanical auxiliary tool changing device makes it convenient and safe to change the knife.
G. is equipped with optical tool line, making it more convenient to cut.
I. padding cutter top out device.
J. plane two - enveloping worm gear reducer drive.
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