【(QZYK-115CD) 15 Inch series of computer paper cutting machine】
(QZYK-115CD) 15 Inch series of computer paper cutting machine
The QZYK series of high speed paper cutting machine is designed according to the most advanced technical standards of the same industry in the world according to the latest ergonomics. The display screen uses the color TFT15 inch industrial touch screen of AU company to configure the multilingual operation interface and the USB interface. The computer section is an industrial class computer in the United States, which ensures reliability and stability. It can realize multi machine communication and remote computer management, can realize remote diagnosis function, and have easy to understand fast keys. The paper motor uses the Japanese servo motor and the high precision paper feeding structure to realize the stepless speed regulation. The maximum speed can reach 18 meters per minute. The positioning precision of paper feeding can reach 0.01mm., and the cutting speed can reach 45 times / min.. It is equipped with the function of automatic tool changer, which can realize the easy operation of changing the knife. The pressure of the paper press can be adjusted within the range of 150daN to 7000daN, which fully meets the European CE safety standard.
Functional introduction:
1. automatic operation 2. manual operation 3. humanized programming mode
4. teaching function (automatic memory) 5. fully automatic precise positioning 6. manual direct positioning
7. moving 8. fast moving adjustment 9. automatic acceleration and deceleration adjustment
10. forced reversing function 11. forced reset function 12. forced to stop paper delivery
13. forced stop 14. air pump forced blow 15. manual blow control
16. automatic point finding 17. automatic original point error elimination 18. continuous label function
19. paper shift and contraction correction 20. manually insert cutting 21. jump cutting functions
22. program browse 23. calculator function 24. optional operating languages
25. clock function 26. switch operation indication 27. press paper / kilos maintenance function
28. cutter calculation function
Optional configuration:
The 1. program control machine control system adopts Panasonic PLC control. It has reliable performance, large capacity, long storage time, up to 300 thousand hours, and it can be upgraded, and remote monitoring is realized.
2. delivery paper is controlled by Japanese servo motor.
3. the hydraulic control system uses German technology to make the pressure reach the CE standard and improve the safety factor.
4. electronic components are selected from France Schneider, Germany SIEMENS, Moeller, Japan OMRON and other international famous brands of electrical appliances.
5., the domestic raster has shorter shape and less safety points. It doesn't reach the CE standard. The new grating is produced according to the CE standard, which is longer than usual. It increases the number of points and improves the safety factor.
6. the gear pump of the hydraulic system (which can be selected for Italy products) has low noise and long life.
7. the PILZ security module is used by the TUV model.
8. working platform by the United States Air compressor products (formerly SIEMENS).
The 9. paper transmission mechanism adopts high precision ball screw to realize seamless transmission, which fully guarantees the positioning precision of paper delivery.
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