【(QZYK-115CD) 10.4 inch series of computer paper cutting machine】
(QZYK-115CD) 10.4 inch series of computer paper cutting machine
The computer program control paper cutting machine CD series is designed according to the most advanced technical standards of the same industry in the world according to the latest human engineering reform. K115CD computer qzyk is used in Japan SHARP company's 10.4 inch high brightness LCD, color up to 25600 colors, user-friendly programming so that the screen operation is very simple and easy procedure, the storage capacity of up to 10000 groups, more memory time up to 300 thousand hours, so as to ensure the reliability of the machine. The USB interface and network function are also configured to realize multi machine data exchange and off-line programming and remote monitoring. The computer part of the computer program-controlled paper cutting machine is an industrial computer in the United States, which ensures reliability and stability. K115CD computer program control paper cutting machine can realize multi machine communication and remote computer management, can realize remote diagnosis function, and have easy to understand fast keys. The paper feeding motor of the computer controlled paper cutter is made of Japanese servo motor and high-precision paper feeding structure. It achieves stepless speed regulation, and the highest speed can reach 18 meters / minute. The positioning precision of paper feeding can reach 0.01mm., and the cutting speed can reach 45 times / min.. The K115CD computer program control paper cutter is equipped with the function of automatic knife exchange, and can realize the easy operation of changing the knife. The pressure of the paper press can be adjusted within the range of 150daN to 7000daN, which fully meets the European CE safety standard.
The technical parameters of computer program controlled paper cutting machine:
Model QZYK-115CD
Cutting width 115 cm
Cutting height of 16.5 cm
Maximum cutting length 115 cm
Main power 4 kW
Net weight of 3800 kg
The width of the machine is 265 cm at the edge of the table
The width of the machine does not contain 236.5 cm at the edge of the table
The length of the machine is 246.5 cm
The height of the machine is 165 cm
The length of the front table 73.5cm
The height of the desktop is 90 cm
Minimum pressure 150 Dan
Maximum pressure of 4500 Dan
Blade specification 13.75 mm
6 cm can be grindable
Minimum cutting without pressure plate 2.5 cm
Minimum cutting pressure plate 9.5cm
Cutting speed 45 times
Package size 265 * 150 * 200 cm
Voltage 361-399 V
The wire thickness of 2.5 mm ^ 2
Computer program control paper cutting machine function introduction:
1. fully automatic operation, 2. semi-automatic operation 3. manual operation
4. teaching function (automatic memory) 5. fully automatic precise positioning 6. manual direct positioning
7. moving 8. fast moving adjustment 9. automatic acceleration and deceleration adjustment
10. forced reversing function 11. forced reset function 12. forced to stop paper delivery
13. forced stop 14. air pump forced blow 15. manual blow control
16. automatic point finding 17. automatic original point error elimination 18. humanized programming mode
Calculation of 19. equal function between 20. 21. / - compensation function
22. manually insert the cutting 23. jump cutting function 24. program browsing
25. calculator function 26. multiple optional operating languages 27. public English conversion (unit conversion)
28. clock function 29. switch operation indication 30. paper pressing function
31. knife cut calculation function 32. function 33. function of self fault diagnosis
34. the current position shows the size of the 36. ordinary paper size table after the 35. knife front knife
37. can set the press time 38. can set the knife delay time 39. security warning
40. paper feeding speed can be adjusted (6-18M / S) 41. data storage time up to more than 300 thousand hours
42. can be made up of 10000 cutting procedures and 43. can be made up of 10000 sets of cutting procedures
44. dynamically traceable display operation interface 45. to select the color of the operation interface
46. remote computer management 47. multi machine data management
Model: QZYK-115CD
Printing color and surface number: paper cutting machine
Embossing structure: computer program-controlled paper cutting machine
Printing form: program control paper cutting machine
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